"I went to Jim for a reading on an issue concerning the health of a family member.  As a psychic/medium myself, for some reason other psychics have always been unable to read me. However, since I was emotionally involved with this issue, I felt I needed an  outside opinion. I sought out Jim's services hoping that this time would be different. It certainly was!  Not only was Jim able to read me, he gave me excellent advise re. my relative's health which really set my mind at ease. Jim is accurate, gifted and a very kind, caring man as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking answers to their important life challenges."
-Phyllis-Terri Gold, Ph.D, LMHC, NBCC

I have had a number of readings from Jim Fargiano since 2006, and referred many of my friends and family to him as well. Every reading has not only provided me with answers to so many of my questions, but has put me at peace with unnecessary fears. Jim’s wonderful sense of humor and easygoing manner has helped me in more ways than I can even begin to mention. In addition to providing me with loving messages from Spirit, as well as my deceased friends and relatives, Jim has helped to guide me on my own spiritual path. His book and daily blog, The Spoken Words of Spirit, are my daily source of inspiration and words to live by.

I had been referred to Jim in 2001 by a person that I met in a local business. Her name was Carol; she was so happy with a reading that she had with Jim.
I made an appointment for my husband. He had lost both of his parents. His Dad died at 40 years old and his Mom was only about 58. My husband left his reading with Jim. He said nothing and looked very teary. When we were driving home he had to pull the car over. My husband said "I did not want to leave that room, I felt like I was with my parents again.” He was very emotional and said "Jim could really help so many people who have lost loved ones.”
Since that time I have been to Jim for several more readings, and my other family members have been to him as well. Everyone has had such a great experience with Jim. He is such a kind person. We were so happy that Jim is able to speak through spirit with our loved ones on the other side and give us such loving messages. Jim said things to me that no one could possibly know. My grandmother verified herself to me through Jim by her middle name. I truly believe that he was speaking with my loved ones to me as well as my husband. I would highly recommend having a reading with him.